EVENT: Money Over Internet Protocol: THE FUTURE IS HERE


Length: 2 hours
Hi-tea served after the event
Free attendance
Pre-registration required

Target audience

Remittance Companies' CEO's

who recognize the importance of transformation of their business to be profitable in future

Bank Managers

who need to increase their business and ensure that the bank has more FOREX earning

Government Policy Makers

Who needs to understand innovation in remittance to ensure that Nepal has more FOREX earnings thru remittances.

Remittance sector is changing. Everyone is talking about Real-time payments in cross border payments. At the same time remittance is reducing day to day.

Players in the market areincreasing.
New players that did not exist in the market last year have come into the market.

What should be done for remittance companies to be profitable and sustainable in future?

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What To Expect
at the Event

Digital transformation of the remittance sector
Increase remittances from global corridors
Compliance and e-KYC for customer acquisition and onboarding
Increase your remittance business at very low investments and costs

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Money Over Internet Protocol


event postponed until further notice


02:00 PM


Allen Bailochan


CEO of Lalit Money & Unlimited Remit with over 30 years of experience in technology field.

Panel Discussion

Falling Remittances:
How Do We Reverse This Trend?

It is no secret that the remittances inflow into Nepal is falling.
Is this because there is more investments going into crypto currencies and other digital assets?
Are Nepalese migrant workers abroad spending more and earning less with the high inflation as a result of the Pandemic.
Is the number of Nepalese abroad getting less as a result of COVID-19 and the pandemic?
Is the informal channels getting more active after the opening up of the lockdown that there are more funds being diverted to this rather than to formal channel?
There is a global recession and a result Nepalese diaspora and migrant workers are earning less?
Come find out the effects of this in your business & industry.
Madan Lamsal

A veteran seasoned business & economy journalist who is able to scrape the trends from the news and analyze its far-reaching effect in our livelihoods.

Panelist 1

We will upload the details as soon as the panelist is confirmed.

Panelist 2
Remittance Co CEO

We will upload the details as soon as the panelist is confirmed.

Panelist 3:
Government Policy Maker

We will upload the details as soon as the panelist is confirmed.

Panelist 4:
NRB Official


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