About Us

Lalit Money Transfer Pvt Ltd

Lalit Money Transfer is an 8-year-old remittance company based out of Nepal and going thru a digital transformation to be able to provide low cost, fast, reliable remittance services from nearly all of the world where Nepalese are living and working. Here is a brief introduction about our organization:

Instant cash

We provide real-time deposits from the time of the generation of the remittance in your system to the beneficiary in real time so that they are able to encash the amount in real time.


Within our group, we have a platform for cooperatives and micro-financial institutions that is currently being used by 30+ institutions and we hope that within the coming year we will have 500+ cooperatives in our platform.


We have a network of 3,800+ agents throughout the country in case that any of the remittance wants to utilize the cash payout services. We enclose a list of our agents.

Micro Financial Institution

We also have a micro financial institution Imperial Savings and Credit Cooperative Ltd that provides the required saving and credit facilities.

Mobile Wallet

We also have developed a mobile wallet platform where over 1,200 people get their payroll into their account every month and they spend the money from their digital wallet directly. We also deposit the remittance into the digital wallet where we provide on a daily average balance 7% interest and depending upon their usage of their account credit facilities so that they can get a loan without collateral and on personal guarantees.

Here is an infographic of our operations:

We are providing Remitly payouts thru four major channels:

Direct Bank Deposit

Wallet Topups

Top Up Into Cards

Cash Payout From Branches And Agents

Allen Bailochan Tuladhar

Chief Executive Officer, Lalit Money Transfer
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